Fashion Friday: Glass Slipper Bounding

Disney Bounding has officially gone mainstream!

I mean … I don’t know what else to call the new Disney’s Cinderella, A Collection by LC Lauren Conrad. You can literally go into Kohls, plunk down some dollars and walk out looking like you’re ready to speed off in a pumpkin to the ball. it’s really that easy!

I love the line: Flouncy tulle skirts, pretty be-bowed camisoles, pretty-printed tee-shirts and fitted dresses. I could totally see myself pairing the simple, blue skirt with the glass-slipper print top. It’s a really cute match, but perhaps a bit too spot-on for me. I’m not really one for Disney Bounding outside of Halloween.

And if you want to take your ‘Bounding to more of a cosplay place, you might want to take a look into the Disney Forever Enchanted Cinderella collection, a line of prom and special occasion dresses inspired by Cinderella.


Again, this isn’t my thing. But if you want to ‘Bound as Cindy when you head to see the live action film next weekend … well, then get thee to Kohls and hand over your credit card. And if you do, send photos! (Is that creepy? I don’t mean to be creepy.)

Do you think this is proper Disney Bounding? Or is buying a subtle costume totes cheating? Let us know in the comments! 

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