Fashion Friday: Fall Runway Wow

I’m a little slow. Perhaps more than a little. It took me so long to get through my series of late fall fashion these past few weeks that I am only just now getting to February’s Fashion Week shows. They were pretty awesome for Disney-bounding. So this is the first part of a two part series on those dresses:

Marchesa New York Fashion Week Princesses, February 2016

Belle wishes her tiers were as fabulous as these.

I think this may be the best Cinderella-type dress yet.

After she cut off her hair, Rapunzel spent the next 10 years sitting around a $63 million compound in Connecticut instead of being awesome in her tower.

Snow White left her childish dress behind and traded it in for something that’s regal AF.


Oscar de la Renta New York Fashion Week Disney Folk, February 2016

The possibility of successfully rocking a C3PO suit is approximately 3,720 to 1.

For when Cindy does the week’s shopping at Whole Foods.

Dinner at Le Bernardin with Anna and Kristoff? Nailed the look.

Do you love them, hate them, want to buy them off the rack? Let us know in the comments! And thanks for Tom + Lorenzo for not sending me a cease and desist for grabbing their photos of the Marchesa show.