Fashion Friday: Even More Eyes on Disney

Last week, I presented some truly incredible eye art inspired by Disney, and there were so so many beautiful examples that I thought I’d share some more today!

The Little Mermaid

These are some of my favorite, for real. There’s lots of Mermaid-like eye makeup on the Internet, but these have that extra little Disney something that makes them totally irresistible.

Alice in Wonderland

This movie often inspires some of the craziest art, and these eye-spired looks are no different. I truly love the “cat” eye.

Disney Eyes

These didn’t fit into any of the other categories (Disney isn’t all princesses, evil doers and acid dreams, after all), but they’re still worth seeing, for sure. The Captain Hook and Peter eyes are incredible as a set.

I don’t much wear makeup, but I really love these tiny, pupil-sized works of art, don’t you?

Have a favorite Disney scene you’d like to see immortalized on an eyelid? Tell us about it in the comments!