Fashion Friday: Disney at NYCC

Last weekend was New York Comic Con. A real, live Comic Con … right in my backyard. I mean, it’s not like a surprise. It comes to town every year. And I never go. Usually because, you know, I have a job that requires me to be at a desk Monday through Friday from at least 9-5:30. This year was no different. So I wasn’t in attendance. But I did scour the Internet in search of the best Disney cosplays from the weekend’s events. To share. With you:

Big Gay Ariel is sort of amazing … but I can’t decide if my favorite is Little Miss Vader or Lady Loki. If you haven’t clicked to embigen, make sure you mouse over Anna–her freckles are too cute! I also love the creativity of the Shipwrecked Ariel. You don’t see that at ever Con! Another Disney face you don’t see at every Con: Giselle. Love that she’s getting some love.

Who’d you be at Comic Con? Let us know your most creative ideas in the comments below!