Fashion Friday: Disney Angels

Dan is a great boyfriend. But he’s also, at the end of the day, just a dude. So the other day, he saw “Victoria Secret Fashion Show” in a headline on BuzzFeed, and he just had to click. Lucky for me, he did. Because he didn’t just find hotties with pointy hip bones—he also stumbled upon a veritable treasure trove of Disney characters in sexy lingerie. Sort of. Check it out:

Megan Puleri as Tomorrowland’s K7 Spaceman

The likeness is really quite uncanny!

Lais Ribeiro as Rosetta

Magdalena Frackowiak as Chernabog

Vita Sidorkina as Tiana

I totally love the flowery leaf details that tie these two together.

Lily Donaldson as The Grey Stuff

(I am sure it is delicious.)

Adriana Lima as Bambi

The coloring is right, and there are some oddly-placed butterflies. Seems right.

Taylor Hill as To Honor America

It tickles me to think of a size-0 model dressing up as a giant parade float.

Sanne Vloet as Aurora

The pink outfit, triangular shaped wrists and delicate rose details … this is great.

Sara Sampaio as Buzz Lightyear (Strapped to a rocket)

I never in a million years would have made this connection, but Dan’s right!

Kate Grigorieva as Johnny Depp’s Lone Ranger

Bruna Lirio as Belle

Devon Windsor as Ariel

Flavia Lucini as Cinderella

Elsa Hosk as Elsa

Um … a little on the nose?

Crazy, right? Did you notice any other Disney characters walking Victoria’s catwalk earlier this week? And why do so many of the models have such insane names? Share your thoughts below!