Fashion Friday: Be A Mermaid

Being a mermaid has been a thing for awhile now. I’ve watched as girlfriends got mermaid scales tattooed, as other friends dyed their hair colors inspired by the oceanic depths and as something called mermaid toast slowly filtered through social media. Even my two-year-old niece has one of those mermaid fin blankets!

But what about the ladies who want to show off their inner mermaid beyond breakfast without the commitment of bleaching their hair or getting inked?? A couple of weeks go, I got a pitch for a product that will really let your inner Neverland mermaid come out and play:

Mermaid Flask (

This is the Mermaid Seashell Purse, and I’m sort of in love. It’s got pockets for an i.d. and credit cards and space for a few  smaller whosits … and it’s also a 10 oz. flask. (Wendy doesn’t stand a chance against a couple of liquored up mermaids, amirite?)

Imagine me making the heart-eye emoji, and then swimming down deeper, deeper into the depths of the Internet in search of amazing ways to let my mermaid flag float. A few of my faves:

Mermaid Tail Float, $25 | Urban Mermaid Tee, $30 | Scale Pencils, $8 for 24

Shellfie Case, $14+ | Wave Projector & Speaker, $9 | Scale Earrings, $10+

Sheer Mermaid Tights, $24 | Mermaid Mugs, $50 for 2| Mermaid Apron, $35

Full disclosure: I ordered that Ocean Projector, so I own it. And I use pencils so much at work, I’m seriously considering the scales …

How do you show off your inner mermaid? Let us know in the comments!