Fashion Friday: Aloha

Before the Christmas holiday, a friend of ours back in New Jersey put in a request: Her parents always vacationed at the Polynesian Resort, and she wanted us to see if there was any resort-specific merch that we could pick up for her. So we took a trip to the resort to see what was available at Bou-Tiki. What we found was an awesome array of happy tikis with the new Polynesian Village Resort logo.

First up, Mickey and friends on a variety of tee shirts:

Hawaiian shirts seem particularly apt, considering:

And I do love a good tote bag:

And little tikis and nods to Kona everywhere:

Poly Merch 003

I just love resort-specific merch, and the Poly is really going above and beyond here–they almost have as much as some of the DVC-only resorts! And I still regret not buying that tiki hoodie …

What’s your favorite way to wear your Disney-side? Let us know in the comment below!