Fashion Friday: 2016 Met Gala

It’s time to take a closer look at the sartorial offerings on parade at Monday night’s Met Gala. This year’s theme: Manus x Machina … which basically charged style icons (and celebs who wish they were style icons) to think about the ways that handmade couture and machine-made elements have come together throughout history to create beautiful pieces. And then dress like that theme. (Sure.)

For some, that meant going full-on Cyborgian. Others were guided by steampunk. And for way, way more famous faces than I expected, Manus x Machina took on a very Disney-inspired feeling.

Yea, that’s right. Disney was all over that red carpet. Here’s the proof:

Claire Danes as Cinderella

This dress! It’s made from organza and fiber optics, and it had three battery packs … so it could light up in the dark. Cinderella’s shit was pretty tight, but even her Fairy Godmother couldn’t have imagined this.

Tabitha Simmons as Prince Charming

Royal is as royal does. (You both look ridiculous.)

Nina Dobrev as Belle

I love this really soft, modern take on the classic dress we all wanted to wear as a kid.

Rita Ora as FiFi

Flirty smooches and goosefeathers.

Emma Stone as Leia Organa Solo

Maybe I’m crazy, but I feel like Emma’s dress speaks to Leia’s fashion journey in the original trilogy. You have the soft, flowing white fabric alongside the harder and grittier pieces that represent who she becomes.

Zendaya as C3PO

What up, Threep?

Zayn Malik as Opps-I-Lost-My-Arm C3PO

I just super love these arm cuffs. And I guess this was Zayn’s first official outing as Gigi’s boyfriend, which excited the internet.

Kate Hudson as EPCOT’s ceiling

I am not sure what these things are called. I think they’re canvas. But I know they look just like Kate Hudson’s dress.

Kendall Jenner as Ariel

I think this is one of the weaker similarities on the page, but Jenner’s dress reminds me of fish scales, and the tie-away sides make me think of Ariel’s post-wreck canvas-and-rope look. I guess it’s more evocative than literal.

Amy Schumer as Sebastian

That color. Those angles. I can’t even.

Did I miss any that jumped out at you?? Let me know in the comments!