Fashion Friday: 2015 Awards Season

We can finally officially close the books on the 2015 Hollywood Awards Season. It was … long. I mean, it really felt quite long this year, didn’t it? Anyway, here are some starlets who took their styling cues from Disney characters:

Emma Stone as Tiana at the Oscars

I love this color on both women, and the classic, long-sleeved, highish-necked design on both is so classy.

America Ferrara as The Muse at the Oscars

Who put the “glad” in gladiator? Though the colors are different, and America isn’t showing any thigh … with their draping necklines and flowing bottoms, these dresses feel thematically similar.

Lorelei Linklater as a Haunted Mansion Servant at the SAG Awards

I had to look this actress up … she was in Boyhood. Which probably means she has enough money to hire a stylist. And she should.

Jemima Kirke as the Fairy Godmother at the Golden Globes

Bibbity … bobbity … ba-bam! Jemima’s practically a younger, mid-drift-rocking version of Cindy’s patron wand-waver.

Alysia Reiner as Belle at the SAG Awards

They may have different bottoms but otherwise the similarities are too great to ignore. Alysia’s dress is rose red, and the ruffles at her decolletage also look like a rose. I even feel that their hair is pretty similar.

What do you think? Did I miss any starlets Disney bounding the red carpet? Let me know in the comments. 

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