Farewell, SpectroMagic

When the Main Street Electrical Parade (MSEP) was packed up and shipped off to Disneyland earlier this year, I briefly considered the fact that I’d never again see Pete ride by on Elliot. And I was really, really sad about it. But the thing that made me feel a little less sad was the idea that SpectroMagic might return to Magic Kingdom in its place.

I know. I know. I really do.

Rumors that the floats were destroyed have been circulating for years, and Disney itself said that the parade was officially retired about three years ago now. But I kept a tiny sliver of hope tucked into my heart, and it surfaced big time as I grappled with the thought of losing all those little dizzy little bees and Tink’s flower-covered float and even that fever dream-worthy giant face from Pinocchio.

True fact: I don’t actually remember ever seeing SpectroMagic in the Park. It’s, of course, entirely possible (even probable) that I did–I was definitely in the Magic Kingdom during the summer of 2001 after it’s second debut. I remember seeing Wishes during that trip. I don’t remember the evening parade at all.

Whether I’ve seen it in person to not, the point is, my love of Spectro isn’t a childhood memory that I’m holding onto too tightly. In fact, there’s literally no way I could have seen it before I was 17. It’s also not an adult memory that’s especially important to me.

Objectively, without any kind of emotional memory attached, I think SpectroMagic is an amazing nighttime parade. The music hits me right in the feels, the rounded floats and bright lights dazzle, and then I am all there, all smiles–it does exactly what a nighttime spectacular is supposed to do. And that’s just watching YouTube videos!

I’m not saying that I don’t love MSEP. I do. So much so that its departure for Disneyland earlier this year sent me into a little bit of a tailspin. You’re reading what I sincerely hope is the last little bit of that tailspin. In fact, I think this is probably just as much my Farewell to MSEP as it is to Spectro.

I know MSEP is not likely to come back to Disney World when its current run in Anaheim comes to an end in August. I may never again dance to Baroque Hoedown, yelling for the characters’ attention, beaming and lit up like the brightest bulbs on that damn America float. And that is so so sad.

What’s your favorite nighttime parade? Tell us in the comments!!