Saturday Something: FAQ LOL (Mouse on the Mind)Earlier this week, I ventured deep into the bowels of on  a top-secret mission for friend of the site Jeff Swearingen (name drop?), and I came across the oddest FAQ page that I’ve ever seen.

Just a few links deep, you can find answers to questions about Disney characters that you didn’t even know you had. This first one is my favorite:

Why does Donald Duck wear a towel when getting out of the shower when he usually doesn’t even wear pants?

An excellent question, Internet! And one that Disney has already prepared an answer for! 

That got me thinking: what else do they have an answer for? So I kept poking, and I found some more notable facts from our friends at Disney.

Did you know that the following characters do not have names?? I was shocked:

Perhaps most mindbogglingly, Pluto was intended to be a bloodhound. Take a look:

Bloodhounds? (Mouse on the Mind)

The similarities are … nonexistent!

My visit also raised some questions. For example, if all three of the kittens in The Aristocats have names, why does only Marie seem to get any love in the Parks? (And why do I irrationally hate her so?)

What’s the strangest Disney fact you’ve ever uncovered? And what’s your favorite “nameless” Disney character? 


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