Leap Day 2012 Live Blog

Grab a drink on Echo Lake

Get in an extra ride on Soarin. Enjoy a cocktail on Echo Lake. Attend the Harambe School. Explore the Utilidors. Take a spin on King Arthur Carrousel. Dive into Crush’s Coaster. Take a taxi ride around Monstropolis. What would you do with an One More Disney Day?

On February 29, 2012—Leap Day—we’re getting just that, and we want to know what you will be doing. We will be in Orlando, staying at Pop Century Resort and live blogging our Leap Day. And we want you to help—whether you’re in a Disney Park, at a Disney Resort or just planning to visit your local Disney Store.

We’re building a real-time CMS that will support multiple users, so each contributor will get his or her own login credentials to post live updates during this “extra” Disney Day. You’ll be able to post from your mobile phone, smart phone or other Internet-connected device, and your Leap Day thoughts will be immediately shared on Mouse on the Mind!

So … what will you do with One More Disney Day?

If you would like to live blog, please email Melissa@MouseontheMind.com.

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