Epic Call Back: Late Night is Date Night

There are a lot of things that can be said about Disney World’s new After Hours program at the Magic Kingdom. For starters, you’re basically paying $20 an hour for Extra Magic Hours (plus free ice cream). And when you combine it with the new Early Morning Magic event, which includes two hours of access to three Fantasyland attractions and breakfast for $69, you can say some nasty things about cash grabbing and getting less for more … but … meh. No one’s forcing me to pay for it, and it doesn’t really impact me at all.

And I actually really like one thing about Disney After Hours: The graphics.

After Hours at Magic Kingdom

They hearken back to one of my favorite Disney things (that I’ve never actually experienced), Date Nite at Disneyland.

Back in the 50’s and 60’s the Park would stay open late for “date nights,” with live music, nattily dressed couples and three hours of select attractions. Sounds so classic and romantic, no?

Whether you love the idea or not, you have to love how these new Magic Kingdom graphics echo the design elements and theme of the Date Nite ads:

Notice, the stars inside the bubble letters, the crescent moon and twinkly exploding stars. I don’t know if the Magic Kingdom designers were trying to create the graphic similarities, but they succeeded either way. It’s such a lovely, thoughtful tribute to the first, the original special evening ticketed event.

Did you ever attend one of Disneyland’s Date Nites? Are you planning to give After Hours a shot? Let us know in the comments! 

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