EPCOT’s Jumping Fountains

Last Thursday, Imagineer Tom K. Morris dropped a knowledge bomb on Twitter:

Silver halide crystals?! The Imagination Pavilion, sponsored by Kodak, was inspired by the shape of silver halide crystals, a vital part of photo film?! How did that escape me?!?!

Saturday morning, I grabbed my Imagineering Field Guide to EPCOT and flipped to the Future World West section … Nope! This fascinating tidbit didn’t make it into the book. But something that did (make it into the book, I mean): the Leap Frog Fountains!

God, when I was a kid, I was so deeply in love with Figment and his (silver halide crystal) house. And his fountains! I don’t have many memories of my first trips to Disney World, but my parents and I sitting on the ledges by those fountains, me feeling so happy and excited … I remember those things!

Recently, I re-visited the Fountains at night with some of my favorite people, and we had such a lovely time, marveling at the magic of the jumping fountains and the colorful lights, and I swear, I felt just as much joy as I felt as a kid, when everything was shiny and new and unexplainable.

But better. Because now it is explainable. I know about the carefully calibrated water pressure and the silver halide crystals. And I realized that’s a big part of my answer to the question: “Why do you keep going back there?” Because Disney World still holds all the beautiful allure that it held during childhood but, as I get older and wiser, all of that wonderful goodness is doubled by all of the delicious facts about science and engineering and the smarty pants men and women who created all of that beautiful magic. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the same-old, same-old; it’s constantly getting better, more interesting, more wonderful.

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