Disney’s Electric Lion King Holiday in NYC

One of the major benefits of moving back to Long Island is being closer to some of my great Disney friends. This past weekend, a few of us got together in Manhattan for a pre-holiday Disney day in the Big Apple.

It started as soon as I stepped out of Penn Station, where I was accosted by Santa “Mickey” and a gaggle of Santas. We picked the best day of the year to visit the city: it was SantaCon! There were Santas all over the city, drinking beer and spreading cheer.

Santas in Midtown (Mouse on the Mind)
Santas in Midtown


We met at Earl of Sandwich, where I of course ordered the special Holiday Turkey Sandwich, with stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy. Yumyumyum! I swear, it was a lot more delicious than this photo makes it look.

Earl of Sandwich Holiday Turkey Sandwich (Mouse on the Mind)
Earl of Sandwich Holiday Turkey Sandwich

Walking along Fifth Avenue, we visited all of the best holiday store windows, including Barney’s Electric Holiday! On some of the side windows, the display includes classic Disney cartoons, which I loved, but I thought that the original, 8-minute Electric Holiday video, playing on the main screen, was a little long. The music and lighting effects, though, were super amazing!

Disney and Barneys Electric Holiday (Mouse on the Mind)
Disney and Barneys Electric Holiday

After checking out the windows, we headed further uptown to check out the last days of Disney’s Inside The Lion King exhibition at Bryant Park. The free exhibit, at Broadway and 45th Street, unfortunately closed on December 16, so I was so happy to get to see it on its second-to-last day.

Inside the Lion King (Mouse on the Mind)
Inside the Lion King

Inside, we got up close and personal with actual costumes and artifacts from the 15-year-old Broadway show, including a 13′ elephant! I especially love the wildebeest masks used in the stampede scene as well as the photo opportunities with Rafiki and the hyena masks.

Inside the Lion King - Simba and Family (Mouse on the Mind)
Simba and Family looking over Sixth Avenue
Inside the Lion King - Savannah Animals and Pride (Mouse on the Mind)
Savannah Animals and Pride
Inside the Lion King - Savannah Animals and Giraffes (Mouse on the Mind)
Savannah Animals and Giraffes
Inside the Lion King - Stampeding Wildebeest (Mouse on the Mind)
Stampeding Wildebeest

I’ve never seen the Broadway show, and I was really impressed by how delicate and beautiful the costumes are. I’d love to experience it in the future. (Especially now that I am so much closer!)

How would you spend your Disney-themed day in New York City?

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