Thrifty Thursday: Eat This, Not That Part VIII

When you’re heading toward an early morning rope drop and a full day in the Parks, breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day. Of course, the quickest, easiest way to save on breakfast is to bring your own from home: breakfast bars, coffee-maker oatmeal, yogurt and things like that. But if, like me, you need something warm and full of protein to make it through the day, here are some ways to save cash before you hit the resort bus stop.

Full Breakfast at The Contemporary
Contemporary ResortThe Expensive Version
At The Wave, if you order The American, you get two naturally-raised eggs with breakfast potatoes and choice of bacon, pork sausage or chicken sausage for $11.99.

The Less-Expensive Version
Upstairs at the Contempo Café, for $6.79 you can get a breakfast platter with scrambled (but probably not natural-raised) eggs along with bacon, turkey sausage, breakfast potatoes and biscuit.

Potential Savings: $5.20

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