Mouse Style: Ear Hats, Yo!

Ear Hat OptionsEarlier this month, I posted about some adorable Disneyfied short shorts. Usually, I couldn’t care less about clothes or fashion, but the shorts got me thinking about the things I love to wear in the Parks.

You’ll remember (or you won’t) that on Valentine’s Day, I mentioned that flowers die but Mickey is forever. I really believe that. And I do so love my ear hats. Here are some of my favorites from the past couple of years …

“Other” Hats

This is kind of a weird category to start with, but my new favorite thing in the whole World is fascinators!  They are so flippin cool, and they have a series of them inspired by The Little Mermaid, Mulan and a host of other Disney ladies. Below, I am wearing the absolutely adorable Ariel model. It was the absolute cutest, and I am more than a little sorry I didn’t buy it.

The other “other” hat below is my Figment winter hat. It’s really not a hat you want to be wearing around the Parks–I wore it while riding through Journey Into Imagination, and I almost died of heat stroke in the sniffing room. But I did purchase it in Disney World, and it’s the kind of thing that makes me really happy to see some snow on the ground.

Disney hats

Cone-Shaped Hats

Below are two examples of dunce cap-style hats, which aren’t terribly popular in the Parks, but they certainly do have their place. The first is ‘famous’ for being my user picture on the site–it’s Sorcerer Mickey’s hat … well, I mean, it’s Yensid’s hat, of course,  and Mickey and I are just borrowing it! The other is a more recent photo of me wearing a Rapunzel-inspired pointed cap, complete with an attached braid. I dug it an awful lot, but it was a liiiiittle bit too small for my head.

Pointed-style Mickey Ears

Cap-Style Hats

I know this is the “classic” style of Disney cap, but I really hate this design. I’m not much of a hat person in real life, and this feels a lot like a hat. That said, two of the hats below represent two hats that are very special to me: the first is my bride ear cap, which (along with Rob’s groom top hat) was a gift from our travel agent. The second is a pair of 2011 ear caps Rob and I won after we took third place in a hard-fought scavenger hunt in Epcot. We were really, really proud that we didn’t totally lose, and we actually had one of them on display in our living room for over a year.

Classic Disney caps

Headband-Style Hats

This is, hands down, my preferred style of ear hat! What girl doesn’t love a headband? In this category, you have five NEW ear bands, which I tried on in mid-February. I really loved the Storybook Circus-inspired version as well as the black and white lace version with the black feather. And you have to love the sad attempt at a snarly face I made when I put on the punky black, white and pink ears with zippers. The sixth and final ear band is probably my all time favorite–a classic Minnie with a cameo and lots of feathers. Definitely my style.

Mickey Ear Bands
Mickey Ear Bands

What’s your favorite style of Mickey ear hat? Let us know in the comments!

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