DVD Extras: The Sword in the Stone

The Sword in the StoneIt fell between The Jungle Book and 101 Dalmations–two beloved and well-remembered Disney classics–but for some reason, The Sword in the Stone just gets no respect! There was even a post about the film in This Happy Place Blog’s Endearing and Underrated series.

Despite that, it’s hard to deny that this is an interesting and important piece of animation … and that’s why we should all get excited that the Sword in the Stone 50th Anniversary Edition is now available! And not only did I check out the special features, I also am giving away a copy to one lucky reader … keep scrolling to enter!

Music and Magic: The Sherman Brothers
This is so. damn. cool. Robert and Richard talk at length about creating the music for The Sword in the Stone, performing two songs from the film and talking about how they developed the song ideas. There was some behind-the-scenes footage, showing how much the two learned as they worked on their first animated Disney picture. If you’re a Disney music geek, it is worth the price of admission.

Knight for a DayBonus Short: “A Knight for a Day”
It’s a Goofy short so … it’s amazing. And just like with the short on Robin Hood, it fits perfectly with the time period of The Sword in the Stone. There’s jousting. And lots of Goofy-esque antics. I loved some of the anachronisms in the toon … like how the baddie uses a jack hammer. And how they throw around the word “simonized” as if any kid in 2013 would know what that even means. Two very fun thumbs up.

Bonus Short: “Brave Little Tailor
We all know and love this 9-minute short, but I think it’s worth another look. I just love it’s hopeful attitude and the way Mickey uses his skills and knowledge to defeat his foe even though he’s scared and overwhelmed. It’s a great life lesson for all of us, I think.

The DVD also includes an alternative opening, an opportunity to sing along with the film and a VERY COOL short starring Walt Disney showing off some special effect movie magic. That last one makes the DVD almost worth the purchase on its own. For real though.

Of course, one lucky reader won’t have to purchase the DVD because everyone can enter to win a copy below! Just click a few buttons below to throw your name in the hat.

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Disclosure: I received this DVD free of charge from Disney. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my own experience.

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