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Robin Hood HeaderYou guys!! Robin Hood: 40th Anniversary Edition is available tomorrow! And the film has been remastered in HD for the first time ever! AND I have a copy for one lucky reader! (Scroll all the way down to enter.) AND for those of you who don’t win a free copy but aren’t sure whether you need this edition of the film, I took a peek at the Blu-ray Extras …

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Robin Hood and MarianDeleted Storyline “Love Letters”
This is the first special feature, and it’s definitely the best! Prince John and Sir Hiss conspire to get Robbin and Marian together  by sending them love letters … but of course the plot doesn’t go completely according to plan (as usual). The tale unfolds through a series of simple drawings, set up like a storyboard. But it’s partially animated, so the action traces across the panels, moving backwards and forwards through the scenes. It’s a fun little feature, but the story is a little dark, so I’m glad it didn’t make it into the film.

This DVD features three awesome musical features, which is perfect because Robin Hood has a couple of great ear worms. First, there is a breakout of each of the songs from the film, which you can watch individually or all in succession. Then, there’s the Sing Along with the Movie, which plays the entire movie with captions during the songs (but no bouncing ball, sadly). And finally, there’s the Oo-de-lally Disney Sing Along Song, which is amazing. Not only is the footage totally not remastered (so it looks just like we remember it!), but there are lyrics and a bouncing Mickey head so you can follow along.

Ye Olden DaysBonus Short: “Ye Olden Days”
Do you remember the time Goofy (then known as Dippy Dawg) almost married Minnie? Because that happened, and you can see it unfold in this amazing short. (Which also features an uncredited Clarabell Cow and Pete.) From 1933, the short is a perfect fit–both in theme and in setting–for Robin Hood. Plus: super duper cute. I mean, Goofy and Mickey joust in the dining room. So you know this is winning.

There’s also an alternate ending using still images from Ken Anderson’s original storyboard drawings, a Robin Hood storybook (which retells the movie) and an art gallery from the film (the Hipsters would love this part).

Overall, the quality and extras on the Robin Hood: 40th Anniversary Edition are pretty great, and I totally recommend grabbing a copy for you or for the man in your life. (Ever notice how every man in his early 30s is obsessed with this film?!)

What’s your favorite part of Robin Hood? Let us know in the comments … and keep scrolling down to enter to win a copy of the 40th Anniversary edition of the film, fully remastered in HD. 

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Disclosure: I received this DVD free of charge from Disney. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my own experience.

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