Inspired by the Internet: Dog with a … Blog?

Dog with a Blog
Stan has a blog

There has been a lot of truly terrible programming on the Disney Channel over the years. Suite Life on Deck comes to mind. Shake It Up, certainly. Jessie, for sure.

But last October, a show premiered that out sucks all of the rest of the sucky suckfests: Dog with a Blog. Here’s the premise: there’s a dog. He talks. He also blogs. On the Internet. You get that? He can talk. But he hides that fact from everyone but his human masters. And he uses his advanced intellect to blog about his day. Like Doogie. Only with paws. And no thumbs.

If you’ve never heard of it, don’t beat yourself up. It hasn’t exactly been burning up the airwaves. But it HAS been burning up my Twitter feed. Because … Dog with a Blog. That’s reason enough for the insanity that followed:

I have to tell you, I’m not sure anymore, either. I’m just not sure.

Have you watched Dog with a Blog? What did you think?

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