Wayfinding Wednesday: The Doc Is In

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Out at the Fort, there is lots to do: archery lessons, horseback riding, swimming, fishing. Even just riding around on an electric golf cart is a great way to spend the afternoon. But if you come back at night, there’s pretty much only one thing you want to do: head out to Chip and Dale’s Campfire Sing-A-Long near the Meadow Recreation Area.

We’ll talk about the actual sing-a-long later this month, but right now, take a look at this unique signage visible as you approach the sing-a-long from the Settlement Depot:

Doc Terminus' Medicine Cart

Come One, Come All // World-Renowned Doctor Terminus //
 Remedies for Instant Relief // Miracle Cures // From Across the Seven Seas

Doc Terminus
Doc Terminus pilots his landship

As you know, I’m a big fan of the Disney hybrid live-action/animated classic, Pete’s Dragon. As you may not know, Doctor Terminus is the main villain in that film, and this cart, set in the middle of Fort Wilderness, is his mobile sales kiosk. (Sort of …)

A comically-exaggerated caricature of a snake oil salesman, Terminus peddles dubious elixirs and cures in towns all along the eastern seaboard along with his shillman and flunky, Hoagie.

He and Hoagie sail from town to town in a landship, basically a sailboat (complete with sails) on wheels. They even use an anchor to stop the cart because the ship doesn’t have breaks. Point being, the wheeled cart and stage at Fort Wilderness doesn’t really resemble Doc Terminus’ motorhome and stage at all!

It is, though, a super cool reminder of one of my favorite films, and it’s a great example of a wayfinding item because, if you recognize the reference, it sets the scene for the kind of fun, funny stage show you’re about it see.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir.


Do you love Pete’s Dragon? Have you seen other references to Elliott in the Parks? Let us know in the comments below! 

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