Disney Pixar’s Inside Out (Spoiler Free!)

Inside-OutI was going to write about Inside Out today. Dan and I saw a special Sneak Peek on Tuesday evening, so writing about the movie seemed like a no brainer. Until I saw it. And now that I have … well, I just don’t have a ton to say that isn’t going to overshare my own life or spoil the film. So let me say this:

Inside Out is a fabulous movie. Smart, fun, funny … and it has a big ole heart. There was more than enough grown-up humor to keep this childless adult entertained, and from the joyous squeals of the kids in the audience, there was clearly enough to keep them happy, as well.

That shouldn’t be surprising, I guess. Pixar’s been churning out classic after classic for 20 years. But there’s something special and different about Inside Out. It’s not about love or friendship or even adventure in the way that most films are. It’s actually about you. And me. And the way our emotions rule our personality. And the ways—big and small—we change as we get older.

I joke a lot about #adulting and the terror I’ve experienced upon realizing I’m the “grown up” in the room sometimes. Riley’s experiences over the course of the movie made me ache for my own carefree salad days and mourn the ways my personal Sadness had eclipsed Joy (who director Pete Docter called “Audrey Hepburn meets Bugs Bunny”) in my life as I’ve grown. But it was a good ache. It was cathartic. It made me feel like I’m not quite so alone in the world—even as it explained to me, point by point, why I was crying.

I can definitely see how powerful Inside Out is: It’s going to give an entire generation the language to discuss their feelings and fears in simple, concrete and effective terms. I really believe that Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust are going to change the way we talk about emotional nuance as well as mental health and wellness. And that’s incredible to me.

I’m not sure what kind of review this is. Not much of one. And me saying that Inside Out is groundbreaking and educational probably doesn’t inspire you to rush out and get tickets. But you totally, totally should. You’ll enjoy every second of it.

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