Saturday Something: Disney Parks Sex Confessions

Here’s a confession for you: I’ve never had sex in a Disney Park.

One time, I got groped (probably accidentally) by a CM in a Piglet costume. But that is as exciting as it gets for me. And I am laughably chaste compared to some of you horny freaks.

Case in point:

Disney Sex Confessions Tumblr
Not a terrible idea …

Yea. That’s a thing. Straight from the Disney Parks Sex Confessions Tumblr. It’s also a thing that makes me happy the Internet was invented. Because, really.

You’re going to laugh at these amazing Post-Secret-Style postings from Disney fans and Orlando locals. They range from the gross (peeing on Splash Mountain) to the silly (getting turned on by Philharmagic) to the truly perplexing and ill-advised:

Disney Parks Sex Confessions Tumblr
Ouch … Also? Ha!!

So that’s what’s waiting for you. And if you don’t find something you like, you can submit your own crazy, sexy secret, memory or desire. Because this is the Internet. And what’s the Internet without deeply depraved user interaction?

Answer: I never want to know.

Have you submitted something to Disney Parks Sex Confessions? Let us know if you’re “anonymous” below! 

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