Disney Memories: The Fantasy and the Reality

Some things are better in memory than they are in reality.  For example, I’ve discovered that marshmallow peeps, the sweet, squishy candy treat I remember from Easter baskets of my youth, are actually quite disgusting.  And they hurt my teeth.

Time just has a way of changing things.

This is also true for something as beloved as a favorite Disney movie or attraction.  Case and point–the worst Disney movie ever. My husband put this movie on his Netflix queue, and one random Friday it arrived in its little red envelope.  He was overly excited about watching it, and I thought what the heck–I haven’t seen it in maybe two decades, so I thought why not, and settled down with a glass of wine to watch The Rescuers.

Oh.  My.  God.  Could a movie be more slow?  Or boring?  Or slow and boring?

To be fair, I’m from a different generation.  A generation not used to seven-minute-long opening sequences featuring a series of still drawings.  And I’m more apt to sing along with ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’ than with the first song from the Rescuers, ‘Rescue Aid Society’.  I mean come on, even the song title sounds boring.  And who thought it was a good idea to feature a duet with Eva Gabor and Bob Newhart anyway?  Needless to say, we only got through that first song and the DVD went right back into its little red envelope and back to the big Netflix warehouse in the sky.

But sometimes the opposite is true–sometimes a Disney memory turns out to be even better than you remember.  My first–and only–Disney attraction as a child was Pirates of the Caribbean.  I remember the line being unbearable, the drop being frightening, and the whole thing as a generally horrific experience.  Of course, when I returned as an adult–at age thirty–I had to make Pirates my first stop.  And as an adult, I found Pirates to be, well, delightful.  I love the cool, dim queue area, the creepy intro (dead…men…tell…no…tales…), and the upbeat, colorful scenes that follow.  It was a perfect example of a Disney memory that became an even better Disney reality.

Do you have any Disney memories that have become tarnished over the years?  Lost their pixie dust, if you will?  Or, even better, do you have any Disney memories that stand the test of time?  Share with us! 


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