Inspired by the Internet: Disney Horcruxes

No HorcruxesI think I may be stepping into Spins the World‘s territory here, but there’s been some more genius #hashtag action on twitter, and I just had to share it! Plus, we’ve never really delved too deeply into Harry Potter nerdishness here on Mouse on the Mind, and I think it’s high time that I let that particular geek flag fly, don’t you agree?

So, for the uninitiated, here’s some background: a Horcrux is pretty much the worst thing possible in the wizarding world. Basically, if you’re a really, really bad dude, you can bind part of your soul to an object, which becomes the horcrux. Then, if you are killed or injured, you are able to resurrect yourself through the horcrux. If you’re the paranoid type (or if some kid with a scar is really hell bent on ending your sorry existance), you can make many, many horcruxes, which pretty much makes you immortal. Of course, that comes with a price: every time, you split off part of your soul, you become a bit less human.

Yea, that’s some pretty dark, nerdy stuff, huh? Which is why I pretty well laughed my head off the other night when my genius friends Kendra and Mark (probably in a fit of extreme exhaustion) decided that, by stuffing Duffy with her love, Minnie created a horcrux. A Disney Horcrux.

Of course, the Internet picked up on this bit of hilarity and carried it off until the last strains of laughter could be heard floating on the breeze from very far away. If you want to explore the full genius of this joke, search it on twitter. But for the lazy and un-twittered, I’ve gathered some of my personal favorite potential Disney Horcruxes below.

Disney Horcruxes

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So here’s the deal: Duffy is, in fact, a horcrux. I know all of your minds are blown right now, so I’ll give you a second to process it all.Kendra
@hintofspy Can you explain?John Corigliano
@JohnETTW Minnie manufactures Duffys in her sweatshop. By stuffing the bears w her love, she’s creating a horcrux.Kendra
@hintofspy Whose horcrux? I am so stunned! Let me get my wandKim Keeton
@sanctuarykim Minnie’s! She’s stuffing the bear with love. Her soul in an inanimate object.Kendra
Ok so horcrux count up to 3: Duffy, @WDWClown, and @disneydragon. I’m also thinking @WDWPlanter and the 80-quart mixing bowl at Trail’s End.Kendra
@hintofspy #5 malfunctioning inferno barge…Bobby Wojcik
@hintofspy Oprah’s head at the Studios. #disneyhorcruxesMatt Hoskins
@hintofspy if the marquees in front American Gardens Theater (Tonight: Smash Mouth!) aren’t imbued with pure evil, I don’t know what is.James
@hintofspy Every Birthday button is really just a discarded piece of one of the Fab Five’s soul. #DisneyHorcruxTurkey Leg Jeff
@BrerMatt @hintofspy N’Syncs Leave A Legacy photos. #DisneyHorcruxesDisney Hipsters
The swans and dolphins #DisneyHorcruxesMark Diba
the machine that prints the logos on the napkins #DisneyHorcruxesMearn
@mearn there’s a turkey leg somewhere with evil at its core. #DisneyHorcruxesKendra
Biggest horcrux ever. RT @SeabreezeUF: Uh, what about that bloody DHS Hat? #DisneyHorcruxesKendra
The Virtual Reality goggles in Carousel of Progress. #DisneyHorcruxesEPCOT Explorer
Mind. Blown. RT @mearn: #DisneyHorcruxes #wow #whoa
The Beverly dispenser #DisneyHorcruxesThe Redhead
#DisneyHorcruxes World Showcase Lagoon Torch #17Mearn
#DisneyHorcruxes The fake caramel apple with marshmallows in the window at Karamel Kuche. #DisneyHorcruxesMouseChow
Joe Perry’s black Les Paul #DisneyHorcruxesAaron Wallace
Ursula’s hands in Voyage of the Little Mermaid #DisneyHorcruxesStephanie Elfont
clown chairs at boardwalk #DisneyHorcruxesWDW_77
#DisneyHorcruxes meDisney Dragon
Mr. Toad handing over the deed on Winnie The Pooh. #DisneyHorcruxesDisney Hipsters
Luna Clown pool at Boardwalk… #DisneyHorcruxes Simpson
Annnnnd now it’s come full circle with #DisneyHorcruxes. Seven original (and current) FW EPCOT pavilions around SSE, seven horcruxes. DONE.Kendra

Now, let’s get to destroying them!!

What’s your favorite Disney Horcrux? Did we miss any that seem so obvious to you? Share them below or tweet them @mouseonthemind with the hashtag #DisneyHorcruxes!! 

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