Inspired by the Internet: Disney GPS

Life with Dan is … interesting. Sometimes you can be sitting around talking about lease agreements and bank accounts when, without warning, he’s off on a tangent about “The Real Key West,” which is what he calls Old Key West Resort. Because problems focusing. I guess?

Ariel on a cell phone The point is, it’s impossible to have a boring conversation with him, and recently he’s been experimenting with the idea of Disney characters voicing his GPS. Because while Siri is cool and all, we’re both sort of tired of listening to her daft ass call my street “Booool.” Because that’s simply NOT the name of my street.

Because he is basically the world’s biggest troll, Dan said he’d like Stitch to voice his GPS. That’s when I decided I’m never going anywhere with him again.

And because we’re pretty much incapable of doing anything without alerting Disney Twitter (that’s REALLY not true), we asked YOU who you’d like to lend voice to your directions. Here’s what you said (in absolutely no particular order):

James Mason doing Captain Nemo (@drzarron)
Kronk (@DisneyObsessed1)
Edna Mode (@AlexFarnworth)
Olaf (@H_Victoria)
Gaston (@pookisama)
Merida (@ChrisQueen)
Sebastian (@H_Victoria)
Goofy (@OzGoofyPrincess and @floridareese)
Maelstrom narrator (@neff2032)
Jessica Rabbit (@ProfessorDave)
Jon Prime (@DisneyDweller)
Scar (@JoeyB586 )
Stitch (@disney_frump)
Sheriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood (@KCan_7)
Ray from Princess and the Frog (@PersianNerd and @j_nelsn)
Minnie (@wookieecopilot)
John from Carousel of Progress (@DisneyProject)
Yoda (@nickilasi)
Zazu (@H_Victoria)
Hades (@JoeyB586)

So … who would voice your GPS?

Me? I’m thinking Mary Poppins. Or maybe Winnie the Pooh! How cute would that be?!?!

Join in by adding your ideas to the comments below! 

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