Disney Does Pluto Proud

I was surfing the Internet the other night when I saw this:

Palace Pets Shelter Dog

How much do you love this?!?

The scoop: Disney Princesses and their palace pets are part of an amazing, amazing campaign with The Shelter Pet Project to encourage young folks (and their families) to adopt a pet from a shelter (instead of buying mill dogs from a pet store).

This is a cause that is near and dear to me. My little love bug is a shelter pup … yes, he’s a designer dog (half poodle, half cavalier king charles spaniel), and yes, his previous owners spent a lot of money on him. But they also abused and neglected him until the neighbors called Animal Control, and I was lucky enough to scoop him up from Nuts for Mutts. I thank goodness for them (and for my amazing little man) every day.

And I am so pleased that Disney’s donated their Princesses to support such an awesome cause … and with such a cute commercial:

Is your heart melting, too? Tell us about your love bug below!