Mouse Vocabulary: The Disney Bubble

Welcome to the first in what I’m sure will be a rather extensive series of Mouse Vocabulary posts.  You see, much like other things that people become obsessed with (video games, cooking, rock climbing…the list goes on) Disney fans have their own terminology that Disney outsiders often don’t understand.  

Mouse Vocabulary posts are intended for both types of people–those that are just learning these terms and those that already know them (but should be amused by my personal take on each term).  This is, after all, a blog written by two Disney nerds.  And I can’t think of a single thing nerdier than a love of vocabulary. Ok that’s not true.  I also love diagramming sentences.  That’s pretty gosh darn nerdy, too.  But I digress.  

Outside the Disney bubble, this would be a 'motel'. Inside the Disney bubble, it is a 'resort'. See--vocabulary matters!

Today’s Mouse Vocabulary Term:  The Disney Bubble

In many discussions of staying onsite versus staying offsite, or during the debate about renting a car or not, many Disney fanatics summon the concept of staying in ‘the Disney bubble.’  What is this bubble, and why would one want to stay inside it?  The answer to that first question is easy–the Disney bubble, as defined by me and me and me alone, is…


the Disney bubble [th-uh diz-nee bhu-b-uhl] abstract noun – the mental state one enters when one arrives on official Walt Disney World property and then does not leave for the duration of the trip.

If you are in the Disney bubble, no part of the real world is entering your train of thought–or field of vision–during your Disney vacation.  You are completely ensconced in pixie dust, your ears never leave your head, and the only thing you need to carry with you is your Key to the World card and maybe your reusable resort mug.  The one true requirement for remaining safely inside the Disney bubble is to stay at an on-site resort.  An optional facet of Disney bubble residency involves  having no access to your own car–and thus using only Disney transportation.

If you fall into both the staying-on-site category and the not-having-a-car category, you pretty much have no choice–you are in the Disney bubble and that’s where you shall remain until Disney’s Magical Express whisks you back to the harsh reality of Orlando International Airport (but don’t worry, there’s two Disney stores in the terminal for those of you suffering from Disney bubble withdrawal).  But there are different levels of Disney bubble residency, and I’ve experienced them all–from a full on-site car-free trip to a on-site with-car trip to a fully outside-the-bubble off-site stay.  And I have to say–each has its own pros and cons.

Do you stay in the Disney bubble, or do you prefer to enter and exit the resort property daily?  Have you only done one type of trip, or have you tried both?  Which do you prefer? 

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