Disney at My Desk

Disney at my Desk (Mouse on the Mind)Last week, I shared photos and stories from my old hometown in Geneva, N.Y. While I’m still getting settled into my new office at my new job (lots of training and team building and … well, you know, I don’t want to freak my coworkers out right off the bat), I did snap some photos of my old office before I left. Would you like a look at what the true Disney obsessive’s office looks like?

My favorite thing on my old desk was what I called the Disney shelf. There, you could find tiny finger puppets of Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King. I received them as a birthday gift from my coworkers for my 28th birthday. Alongside them, Merida aimed her trusty bow and arrow, protecting us all from “the Mondays.” Merida was a gift from my friend Greg. In the background, you can also see an Elizabeth Blackwell finger puppet sitting atop a pencil sharpener. Lizzy was a Christmas gift from my boss.

Hanging above them is a beautiful string of paper lanterns inspired by Rapunzel. They were handcrafted by one of my bestest friends for my 29th birthday. The lanterns originally adorned an incredible birthday cake that she baked and decorated. We’re working on a step-by-step tutorial so you can recreate the masterpiece at home!

Disney Desk Love (Mouse on the Mind)
When Merida couldn’t chase the blues away, I often looked to this amazing balloon. Doesn’t the bird remind you a bit of Fritz from Disney World’s Enchanted Tiki Room? He sings so beautiful, he should sing solo!! (So low we can’t hear him!) The balloon was a gift from a former coworker–she gave it to me before she left for a new job. (In turn, I passed it on to a coworker on my last day.)

Notice my amazing princess crown? The paper crown was part of my 29th birthday card.

Enchanted Tiki Fritz (Mouse on the Mind)
The backboard of my desk was covered with photos and memories, from a very presidential notecard to a Winnie the Pooh Valentine from one of my interns (so sweet!). You can also see a photo of my with my sister’s puppy, a beautiful photo of a sunset over New York City and a very cool Disneyland sign photoshopped to include my name and a birthday message!

Pooh Card and Disneyland Sign (Mouse on the Mind)
Continuing on the office tour, you’ll find a larger, stuffed Pumbaa. This dude is so huggable … and so gross! When you squeeze his nose, he burps. It’s pretty much the most awesome thing a coworker has ever given me. For real. (If you’d like a burping stuffed warthog of your own, you can buy the Disney Burping, Talking Pumbaa on Amazon.)

Hugable Warthog (Mouse on the Mind)
Last but not least, I counted down the days to my next Disney trip on my very own 2012 Disney Princess calendar! November, the last month in my old office, was Tiana’s.

Disney Wall Calendar (Mouse on the Mind)

Now it’s your turn … how many reminders of Disney are in YOUR office? Share in the comments below or visit Facebook and post on our wall!

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