Countdown to Dismas: My Wish List

It’s beginning to look a lot like … Christmas? I guess?

I’ve not put up my tree this year. (Because Dan and I are smack in the middle of moving in together, and the apartment is a disaster.) My siblings and I have decided not to have our annual Secret Santa. (Because they’re broke.) And I’m just really not feeling the Christmas spirit this year. In fact, that’s part of what this Countdown to Dismas week is all about.

But if making a snow angel in Elsa’s Palace and admiring Disney’s latest holiday merch wasn’t enough to get me into the holiday spirit, well … making my Dismas list sure was! Here are …

The Top 10 Disney Things I’m Coveting This Year

 1. Pirate Donald Duckie

How cute is this dude? I have a special place in my heart for rubber duckies. Don’t ask me why. It just is what it is. Add that to my love for ahhhhhngry Donald. And my fascination with all things piratey. And this is really just the perfect thing. (Disney Parks Authentic, $6.95)

2. Wait Time Timer Magnet

I. Love. This. It’s so damn genius that I hate myself for not thinking of it. And I can’t believe Disney’s never thought of it before! For those who’re confused, it’s a magnet kitchen timer, styled after the pre-refurb Fantasyland Wait Time clocks. I just love this. And it would make waiting for holiday cookies to come out of the oven so much more bearable!  (Disney Parks Authentic, varies)

3. The Haunted Mansion Game of Life

This game was always my favorite as a kid. Not as long as Monopoloy. Not as brutal as Sorry or Risk. Just the perfect length, the perfect sense of humor and the perfect amount of competition. I always played a woman … who married a woman. I swear, the two lady car is my lucky charm! And I can’t wait to strap my two little pink pieces into their Doom Buggie. (Hasboro, $39.95)

4. Alien Plush

Sure, Olaf likes warm hugs. But this little guy is a better bet for my money. These little cuties have always been my favorite Toy Story characters. I guess because of their color? Back in 1995 when the movie came out, I was only 12, and that combination of puke green and bright blue really appealed to me. And I totally identified with their awe and excitement about the world. I guess I still do. (Disney Pixar, varies)

5. My Family Vinyl Window Sticker

I’ll admit it: I HATE those silly car decals that depict the family bumping along in the SUV. Why do I care that you have three kids, two cats and a fish? But this is the best sort of twist on that frippery. Who doesn’t love Jack and Sally? (Disney Parks, $5.95)

6. Minnie Jammies

Oh my. I don’t want to say I’ve been waiting for Disney-themed kigurumi all my life … but this is sort of a dream come true for me. Just add fuzzy socks for a totally cozy evening watching Disney movies on the couch. (Disney Parks, $69.95)

7. Haunted Mansion Wine Stopper

As we’ve learned, I’m not the biggest wine fan, but I do love the bats in the Haunted Mansion’s belfry! And I can’t think of anything better than this spooky fellow greeting me each time I open the fridge and reach for my bottle of Florida Orange Groves Winery Key Limen Wine. (Disney Parks, $19.95)

8. Classic Characters Rubik’s Cube

I have literally never successfully completed Rubik’s Cube. And I probably never will. But. Sigh. How I love the classic characters. And how awesome this little guy would look on the ledge next to the spot where I blog. My only worry: I’d be tempted to use it as a stress ball and accidentally ruin it. (Disney Parks, $13.95)

9. Figment Hat

Little known fact about me: I own a Rapunzel hat, which I wear all the time. (It was a gift from Estelle of This Happy Place Blog.) I also own a Figment character hat that I wear less regularly. It’s a little too silly, I feel. (Although somehow, the Rapunzel hat doesn’t seem the list bit silly.) This version of Figment, I think, is more acceptable for day-to-day wear. (Disney Parks, $24.95)

10. Hitchhiking Ghosts Plush

These three! Can you believe them?! They are. So. Cute! And they’d look so perfect thumbing a ride as they’re perched atop the little blue arm chair in my living room. (Disney Parks, $39.95)


And there you have it! My Dismas wish list. If it seems a little Haunted Mansion heavy, well … the Manse has always been one of my favorite attractions. Plus, Disney has been killing it with great Mansion-themed merch lately. It’s only natural that it should take up lots of space on my list.

And in case you missed it, the links at the end of each post send you to each item’s SKU number so you can order any of the items you like from Disney’s Merchandise Guest Services.

What’s on your Dismas list? Share your most wanted list in the comments below!

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