Countdown to Dismas: Retro Merch

The very first post I wrote for Mouse on the Mind was about pie-eyed Mickey merch. In fact, ever since I started visiting Disney World as an adult in 2010, I have been totally obsessed with Parks merch. Especially when it comes with some vintage stylings, as those first pie-eyed Mickeys did.

This holiday season, Disney Parks released a new line of products with mid-century modern-inspired graphics that I super, duper love. Over the past few weeks, Dan and I have been photographing the heck out of these new pieces, and I’m sharing them here:

I love the shapes–mostly round with just a bit of well-placed sharpness–and I love the big, rosy apple cheeks on the characters. I’m not even offended by Minnie’s big, shiny red lips. They’re charming. The whole collection is charming. Even (especially?!) the holiday light necklace string. I didn’t buy it when we saw it, but I think I may pick it up on my next visit if it crosses my path again.

(Bonus: You can pick up your favorite pieces at the Disney Store.)

What do you think of the new designs? Let us know in the comments below!