Countdown to Dismas: Family Fun at the Fort

Christmastime at Disney World … every time I do it, I vow I’ll never do it again … and yet, somehow, I always end up in the Parks on the busiest days of the year. It’s crowded, yea. But there’s so much holiday cheer. In the Parks, of course, but in the resorts, too!

I’ve heard of lots of families bringing a holiday tree to their resort  to make the room feel more jolly, and I’ve also seen doors, balconies and exterior windows ornamented, too. But if you really want to hit the mother lode of holiday happiness, head out to Fort Wilderness, where they’re sort of famous for guest decorations.

After our recent Thanksgiving dinner at the Fort (review coming soon!), Dan and I took a drive around the rustic resort to take a look at this year’s decorations:

A couple of cute pairs and one really awesome castle stood out among the crowd:

And my favorite fit right in to the scene:

Apologies for the crap quality … but these were iPhone photos taken as Dan and I fought off a Thanksgiving food coma. So there’ve been better photos, for sure. But more festive and fun? I don’t think so.

Have you been to the Fort at the holiday? Tell us about it in the comments!