Wayfinding Wednesday: Dig

Light fixtureThe crack of the whip and the familiar swelling of The Raider’s March immediately bring to mind the fedora, boyish smirk, sweaty brow and narrowed eyes. It’s Indiana Jones—a whip-smart non-superhero every man who moves between the classroom and the jungle with ease.

We’re used to seeing him on screen, in front of a lecture hall, breaking hearts and defeating bad guys, but in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, his adventures come to life in Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. Before we take our seats, though, the queue prepares us for the Raider’s scenes that are to come:

Indiana Jones queue sign

Marshall College, located in Bedford, Conn., is the fictional college where our action hero teaches archaeology and history. (He also briefly taught at both Princeton University and fictional Barnett College, but Professor Jones always seemed to return to Marshall.) This institute of higher learning (and super-hot professors) is named after Frank Marshall, who served as producer on all four Indiana Jones films.

Prof. H Jones, of course, is our Indy. Henry Walton Jones, Jr., is his given name, after his father, a professor of medieval literature. (Smart, those Jones men.) Though his father aptly calls him “Junior” (much to Indy’s chagrin), Indiana is the nickname he’s best known by. Jones gave himself that moniker (which was also the name of his childhood pet, a beloved Alaskan Malamute).

Indiana Jones queue details

Tables of marked artifacts and surveying equipment surround this place-setting sign, letting us know that we’re in the Peruvian jungle, looking at the kind of artifacts made familiar in the opening scenes of Raiders, when we first met the explorer so badass that even giant spiders and rotting skeletons don’t faze him.

And we’re about to meet him again. Up ahead. Just grab a seat and we’ll start the show.


If anyone has a better photo of this sign or knows what it says, please let me know! Also, many thanks to the Indiana Jones Wiki for being an amazing resource.

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