Delicious Disney: Vivoli il Gelato

A lot of new shops and stores and eateries have opened at Disney Springs lately. A lot. This is not about one of them. This is, in fact, about Vivoli il Gelato, which opened at Disney Springs 13 months ago. Back before it was even Disney Springs.

Gelato 001

But whatever. Just because I seem completely unable to do anything in a timely manner doesn’t mean that you won’t get really, awesomely great gelato there.

There are 24 flavors, and they are subject to change. There’s also paninis and cookies and tarts and other sweets … but … we were here for the ice cream. Because ice cream.  (Head over to Disney Food Blog for some great photos of all the foodstuffs on offer.)

The Cast Member who helped us was so so so nice, and she kept offering to let us sample the different flavors. Like, she kept offering even after we’d made our decision. All of the flavors were yummy, but we ended up with two scoops of pistachio. Because pistachio.

And it was so so good. Rich and creamy and delicious with a nuttier flavor than I was expecting. And smooth. The smoothest, really. And it was very cool. Which was key because it was 5 million degrees out on this particular day. (We also ate at Boathouse and took a ride on the Disney Springs balloon, too!)

Next time, I’m going for The Tropicale–an ice cream soda with coconut and pineapple gelato in lemon soda. Or an affogato (ice cream over espresso). Oh man. I will definitely be returning here as soon as possible.

Have you visited Vivoli? Tell me about your experience in the comments!