Delicious Disney: The Turf Club

Turf Club

Dan and I are pretty big fans of Saratoga Springs Resort, and their sit-down restaurant–The Turf Club–is definitely one of the reasons. We recently visited for a quick, quiet dinner, and I thought it was high time we’d shared this fabulous little spot with you.

Before you’re even seated, you walk through the “bar” part of the restaurant. It’s reminiscent of a racetrack club house, complete with comfy couches, dim lighting, vintage equestrian gear, antique games and a real cozy atmosphere. Dark woods abound, and it’s clear that this is a place where folks come to relax (and tie one on!) after a day at the races. Or a day in the Parks, as the case may be.

On this particular day, we ordered two entrees: Lamb chops with dijon mustard sauce, broccoli and sweet potato polenta. And crispy chicken with mac and cheese and mashed potatoes. (Usually, the chicken comes with mac and green beans, but I was craving carbs that night!)

Both were delicious–the chicken was perfectly crunchy and the mac was creamy and not-too sharp. The perfectly-cooked lamb chops were were perfectly cooked. And the polenta was really interesting and not at all like anything either of us had tried before. Like I said, we’re big fans of this little-known, rarely-crowded spot, and this meal was no exception.

And I highly recommend you check this spot out, especially if you find yourself stuck without a reservation on a high-traffic evening. You won’t regret it.

Have you ever had a meal at The Turf Club? Tell us about it in the comments. 

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