Delicious Disney: Sci-Fi Breakfast

On a recent trip to Disney World, Dan and I had a breakfast that was out of this world.

Actually, it’s kind of a funny story: I wanted to have breakfast in or around Hollywood Studios, and when we searched on Disney’s website, Sci-Fi Dine-In came up as an option. Odd, we thought, because we hadn’t read about the limited-time breakfast bonanza, and we booked it.

This turned out to be a pretty big mistake.

Don’t get me wrong: I hate Sci-Fi Dine-In. I’ve basically never had a good meal there. And I didn’t expect breakfast to be any different. But this was really, spectacularly bad.

For $24 per person, we received a three-course pre-fixe meal–not a bad price, considering the price of most other “all you care to enjoy” breakfast options at Disney World. Plus, you can’t beat the atmosphere at Sci-Fi … unless you want to actually enjoy a meal and a conversation with more than one person.

Breakfast started with an assortment of Disney-standard pastries. They were already on the table when we got there. Who knows how long they were sitting out. They were stale, but those generic pastries usually are. The croissant was still pretty good.

For the second course, we were given a choice between a yogurt parfait or a fruit cup. We ordered one of each. Which turned out to be … well, a bad decision no matter which spoon your mouth was on the other end of.

The parfait was made with yoplait (which I’m not even sure can legally be called yogurt) and topped with a very small sprinkling of granola and raspberries. The fruit cup was a lot of melon (yuk) and soggy pineapple. Not terrible. But nothing special.

For the main course, I made an error. I ordered breakfast before I tried the pastries or parfait. But I still should have known better than to order the crab and eggs. Puff pastry, filled with wet eggs, crab pieces, asparagus and cheese, alongside a soggy “roasted” tomato and some avocado smears. In theory, it should have been delicious, but everything was so soggy and bland. Except the asparagus, which was tough and green. I didn’t love it.

Dan ordered the steak and eggs. He fared a bit better with a grilled tenderloin, roasted tomato, bacon and cheddar custard and cheesy horseradish potatoes:

I’ve never met anyone who likes a roasted tomato stuffed with panko breadcrumbs but somehow they seem to serve them at every big event at a college or non-profit … and they serve them at most of these Disney breakfasts too.

The eggs had a flan-like texture. That’s not a good thing for eggs.

The tenderloin was good. As long as you wanted to eat it medium-well. Because I wasn’t given any other option. And the potatoes were good, although they didn’t have much horseradish flavor.

Basically, the whole meal was kinda shrug. Lucky for you, the limited-run event ended on January 23, and it wasn’t extended.

Truth: I really do find the movie reel amusing. And after a long, hot day in the Parks, Sci-Fi can be a nice respite. Which is why, a few days after this breakfast fiasco, I returned for late-afternoon drinks and snacks with some friends. Yea, for real.

The meal options, in general, are just really not great at Hollywood Studios.

In addition to an Orbiting Oreo (a cookies and cream milkshake with chocolate liqueur that’s not pictured), which I very much enjoyed, we also ordered a few different drinks and snacks, which were totally fine. And it was nice to snack in the relatively cool quiet of Sci-Fi, and then hit the hot-hot streets of Hollywood once again.

So … will I return early and often? No. But it’s a nice way station if you keep your expectations low and your drinks alcoholic!

What do you think of Sci-Fi Dine-In? Let us know in the comments below! 

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