Delicious Disney: Narcoossee’s Brunch

I’ve always thought they need to add more brunches at Disney World.  In fact, outside of Disney Springs, I don’t think there’s been a proper brunch spot at Disney World for nearly three years. Until Narcoossee’s introduced brunch back in October. But, at $69 per person … well, it wasn’t high on my to-do list.

Then, while Dan and I were planning a special celebration for his brother’s pharm school graduation, he saw some mouth-watering photos on Instagram, and Narcoossee’s new brunch offering suddenly seemed like the perfect plan. And so it was, on a Sunday morning in April, that I headed to the waterfront restaurant with Dan and four of my favorite people.

At the table, we were greeted by Maura, our amazing, totally game, completely fun server. She brought us some pastries, butter and jelly to start the meal, and she quickly explained how things work. Pay close attention here, because this is going to blow your mind: The $69 price tag includes unlimited everything. It’s cruise-style dining, meaning they’ll keep the mimosas coming … and if you’ve got a powerful hunger, they’ll keep the appetizers and entrees coming, as well. The only restriction was the Signature Bloody Mary–every guest was entitled to only one of these monsters, which frankly contained more seafood than the buffet at Cape May Cafe.

We started out with mimosas and coffee. But as the meal went on, Maura got a little creative … in fact, she created two drinks for us that weren’t on the menu: A mix of champagne and cranberry juice (which we named the Mirosa in her honor) and a mix of champagne and pineapple juice (which we named the Pirate Mimosa in honor of being awesomely drunk at Disney World on a Sunday morning).

All told, though only 5 of us were drinking, we managed to put away 22 champagne cocktails over three hours … which really is a lot of drinks. And, doing some quick math, if a mimosa is $10, we drank more than half of our tab in mimosas alone. Yea. It was a lot of drinks. (I should also note that the smoothie-looking drinks you see in some of the photos are actually smoothies from the kids menu. I’m not 100% sure if the smoothie is bottomless, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was!)

But that’s nothing compared to the amount of food we ate. The menu (which you can see in its entirety on At Disney Again) includes five appetizers, and we tried all but one of them (the shrimp and grits, which are pictured below). And, honestly, they were all solid. I loved the seafood charcuterie plate, which included octopus, salmon spread and shrimp ceviche. How can you go wrong? Dan was partial to the cheese patter, although he says he’s never had a finer onion soup–not too salty and perfectly hearty.

Shockingly, we also managed to order every single entree on the menu (except the halibut, which is pictured below because our table-neighbor got caught up in our excitement and let us shoot it!), including a high-quality thick-cut hanger steak and eggs (which one of our party ordered … without the eggs) and the incredible Croque Madame. This wasn’t just a ham sandwich, by the way. This thing was loaded up with two thick cut ham steaks that, again, were perfectly seasoned.

((As always, there are more mouth-watering photos available on At Disney Again))

I ordered the lobster eggs Benedict, which was delicious. But I had to do a double take when Maura brought me the plate because … she delivered my incredibly rich and buttery dish along with secondary bowl full of lobster. “I feel like there’s not enough lobster on the eggs,” she said. “And I wanted to make sure you had enough.” To repeat: She brought me a bowl of lobster. Unbidden.

The lovely EPCOT Prime ordered a “my omelette” with lobster, spinach and soft goat’s cheese. By this point in the meal, we were all thoroughly toasty, and the idea that Narcoossee’s only sources cheese from the softest goats pretty much had us all in stitches. (Maybe you had to be there?)

At least two people at the table ordered up chicken and waffles, too, which were spectacular. The chicken was crispy but not dry (“that’s practically impossible to do,” Dan says) and the waffles were buttery and mapley and just the right amount of chewy. The best part? They were covered in sumac-thyme butter, which is “the shiiiiiiit,” according to my eloquent boyfriend.

Let’s take a moment here to stop and talk about the truly sexy brioche French toast. It was not only a beautiful work of art, it was also over-the-top sweet and delicious. (More of a dessert than a breakfast, really, but that’s cool because we actually ordered it with our desserts.)

I call out the French toast because it’s pretty but also because it is illustrative of the entire meal. Every. Single. Dish. that came out of Chef Michael Bersell’s kitchen could have been put into a lightbox and photographed for a magazine. The garnishes and sauces were on point, the plates were spotlessly clean, and structurally, the plating was flawless. Best of all: This wasn’t just good show. Everything tasted as good as it looked.

So, yea. It was an incredible meal from start to finish … which, by the way, came in the form of a trio of desserts. Maura brought us two for the table, and we demolished them. (The blood orange bar, which tasted like a creamsicle, was easily my favorite, but your mileage may vary.) Throughout the meal, we’d seen Maura delivering Finding Nemo-inspired cupcakes, too. We asked … and it turns out, that’s the kids dessert. So we ordered one of them, too. Sure, it was just a cupcake … but it had little fishie sprinkles and a frosting Nemo on top!

All told, we spent almost three hours in the restaurant, enjoying ourselves, the great company and the delightful food. And my fears about “getting my money’s worth”? Totally out the window. I wouldn’t, for even one single second, hesitate to go again. In fact, if Dan doesn’t take me again, I’ll be pretty pissed.

Because here’s the best news you’re ever going to hear: This dining extravaganza can be discounted 10% with your AP or DVC membership. (It’s possible-to-likely that Tables is also accepted, but none of us are members, and I didn’t think to ask. Because I was double-fisting mimosa variants.)

Let’s be real: It’s not something I am going to do every week. Heck, it’s probably not even something I am going to do more than once a year, if that, but if you’re celebrating something special (or if you’re just celebrating life and being at Disney World), why not do it with an incredibly epic meal? Just make sure you bring some people that you love … this is definitely one dining experience that’s more fun with friends.

Have you done brunch at Narcoossee’s? Do you plan to? Tell me what you think in the comments! 

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