Delicious Disney: Monsieur Paul

There are  few places at Disney World where it’s well known that you’re going to get an out-of-this-world meal. Victoria & Albert’s comes to mind. But there are also many places where you can get a truly sensational meal that just never seemed to catch on. One of those places is Monsieur Paul.

When Dan made reservations for us and three friends, I was interested, but not overly excited. Actually, truth be told, I was a little annoyed that I’d have to trade my jeans and tee shirt for a dress. But from the moment we walked through the door, I was immediately enchanted. Even moreso when the cast members directed Dan into a little used elevator for the ride to the second floor. (He was in a horrible car accident in 2010, and he doesn’t always get around as well as others.)

Once we got to the table, I was similarly charmed by tuxedo-folded napkins and colorful glassware.

After we’d been seated, a wonderful cast member brought us each a delicious cheese puff. Mmmm … the delicate flavor had hardly faded when a second cast member came by, offering a variety of bread to choose from, including poppyseed, multigrain, mushroom bacon and standard baguette.

I should stop here and say that we’d only been in the restaurant for about seven minutes, and it occurred to me that we were getting literally the best service I’ve ever experienced. And in a really classy spot, decorated in deep shades of pink and green.

When it was time to order, Dan and I dickered a bit before deciding to split the herb-crusted rack of lamb with a goat cheese tart. Served along side was an incredible cassolette of flageolet beans, which is French for baked beans with cheese, I think. Everything was rich and flavorful and perfectly balanced. It was truly a five-star meal.

To go along with our entree, we ordered some bruleed mashed potatoes on the side. They were topped with milk foam, and they were just so light and creamy–I’ve only ever had better mashed potatoes once before.

One of our dining companions also ordered the mussel soup with saffron, which you’ll also see below. It looked so creamy and delicious!

Alex, our server, was totally impeccable, and he served us rich, delicious coffee from a press pot to go along with our dessert: Molten chocolate almond cake with praline ice cream. The ice cream was sweet and wonderful … but there definitely wasn’t enough of it!

In retrospect, I sort of regret not ordering the orange souffle, but at the time, I’d never had a souffle before, and I didn’t know what I was missing! Next time, for sure.

But I am glad I got dressed up and got all fancy for dinner and Illuminations at EPCOT with my beau and our friends. It was definitely worth it, and definitely something I’ll look forward to doing again in the future. (Although, there is the question of where I had the BEST mashed potatoes of my life … maybe I’ll write that up next …)

Have you ever gotten all dressed up for a five-star Disney dinner? Tell us about it in the comments below! 


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