Delicious Disney: Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar

Hangar Bar (At Disney Again)Jock Lindsey is Indiana Jones’ pilot. It’s cool if, until about a year ago, you’d never heard of him. Especially because he’s a seriously minor character in Raiders of the Lost Ark. But! Jock now owns a bar at Disney Springs. And it’s really pretty cool. In fact, Jock’s artifact-strewn hangar-cum-bar, decorated with salvaged airplane parts and dusty mementos, may just be my favorite new spot at Disney Springs!  

Hangar Bar (At Disney Again)
See? Salvaged airplane parts!

As great as it is, I still sort of wish that, instead of snacking at Jock’s, I was raising a glass at The Raven, a Nepal-based tavern run by Indiana Jones’ lifelong love Marion Ravenwood. Marion: A memorable character, played by Karen Allen, who actually appears in two Indy films (Raiders and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) and who actually is known to have run two bars.

But the patriarchy being what it is, I can see why inventing a complicated backstory out of whole cloth for an extremely minor male character might be more appealing than building a dining concept around an intelligent, sexy, badass woman who drinks her patrons under the table and packs a powerful punch.

That said! Since we were never going to get a bar based on my favorite female character in an action film, Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar is pretty cool.

Light fixtures! I love them. And they’re spectacular at Jock’s, with a fabulous mix of designs from around the world as well as airline-inspired fixtures. Even the ceiling fans have a touch of DIY-gearhead charm.

Like any other Disney spot, the Hangar Bar is loaded with absolutely fabulous details. I just pulled a couple of my favorites, but you really should head to Dan’s blog post to see many many many more. The space is loaded with bibs-and-bobs, like potentially-poisonous darts and Reggie’s empty cage, which our server warned me about during our second visit. There’s also a great nod to the Temple Of Doom, with voodoo dolls of Indy, Willie and Short Round, and a fabulous reference to everyone’s favorite Star Wars droid.

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A very cool feature: The Lost and Found, which is on the wall near the bathrooms. I just absolutely love the lock on the cabinet … which seems to be full of artifacts from Jock’s colorful cast of friends and regulars.

One of my favorite things in the bar is the an “ice machine.” I say that with quotes because, though it has moving parts, bubbling water and spherical balls rolling around in there … I’m actually not 100% sure it’s real.

Yakoose, by the way, refers to the weird old yak/moose head on the wall in the Adventurers Club. It’s not a real ice company, which makes me think this is a very cool work of fiction.

At the Top of the World Lounge in Bay Lake Tower, there’s a half-circle room with plush seating and little tables and incredible art work. It has large, heavy curtains that can be closed to keep out the rest of the riff-raff. My friends and I call it the Boom-Boom Room, and we’ve had lots and lots and lots of drinks in there over the years.

Jock’s has a similar situation, and it’s called the Diving Bell. Because it’s an antique diving bell. And you can sit in it, order food in it and hang out with 5-to-8 of your friends in it until the wee hours of the morning. How cool is that? It even has Jock’s diving suit hanging above it.

The interior seating areas are adorable and have a ton of details–rough-cut wood tables, tall shop stools around the bar, and assorted airplane seats. It’s no diving-bell room, but the little seating area in the back left of the bar has a living-room-vibe that I really love. Another great detail: The shop rags that double as napkins.

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The exterior seating is fabulous, overlooking Lake Buena Vista, and will be perfect during warm spring days. My favorite part: You can pull up a seat on the S.S. Reggie. This cruise ship has clearly traveled the major jungle rivers of the world, and now it’s a deliciously plush spot. (I think it’s my second … or third … favorite seating area in the joint.)

With exterior seating comes opportunities for exterior details, too! I love the old radio and binoculars. I actually learned a lot from these displays … like, did you know that Scotch Cellophane Tape (the brand on the shelving unit) has been used to fix light planes in the 1940s?

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No surprise here, I loved the Cool-Headed Monkey, a mix of rum and fruit juices, as well as the Bedtime Story, which included vodka and a bitter ginger liqueur sweetened up with iced tea. For his money, Dan ordered the Anything Goes twice over our two visits–he loves an ostentatious presentation … but he really loved the flavor profile.

We were able to keep all of the garnishes (Reggie and a couple of Koosh-topped swizzle sticks are hanging out with my Cool-Headed Monkey on our growing tiki shelf), but unfortunately, they didn’t have all of the specialty cups in stock just yet, so we weren’t able to buy them all. (Not that I think we want to …)

I feel like the food at Hangar Bar has gotten some tepid reviews, but we have eaten almost everything on the menu, and we loved all of it. Legitimately. I can understand that this is a new space and the food may be a bit spotty–we got a cheese dip that was a little thick, like it had been sitting too long, during one visit, but we sent it back and got a new dip.

Regardless of the service slips, there was absolutely nothing on offer that wasn’t delicious, inventive and quiet fun. This is a great twist on typical bar food. But! If you’re looking for typical bar food, don’t stop here.

My favorites were the Good Dates (stuffed with goat cheese and almonds), Lao Che’s Revenge (sticky sweet wings with a little kick) and the Air Pirates Pretzels (everything pretzels with beer cheese dip and mustard … but ask for double beer dip!). I also really loved the Berbere-spiced chicken salad on the Snack of Ra plate–not that I didn’t like the other two dips (a masala eggplant stew and a Moroccan-style fava bean hummus), but that one was the clear winner at my table both times we ate at Jock’s.

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Dan and I typically visit Disney Springs on the last day of our trip to finish up any shopping and get a meal before hitting the road for home. Our past two trips, we’ve hit Jock’s–and I can definitely see that becoming a tradition. It’s such a nice, chill space to relax. The food is good and the drinks are strong, and even when the servers were busy, I never felt rushed. It’s a fun, quirky spot, perfect for that one-last-hit of Disney magic.

Have you ever visited Hangar Bar? Let us know about your experience in the comments below! 

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