Delicious Disney: Geyser Point

I didn’t know what to expect as I rolled into the Wilderness Lodge parking lot. I wasn’t sure if the bar would be located all the way over in DVC-land or if it would be (as its name suggests and as I hoped) near the geyser. Lo and behold, when you go out behind the resort, walking past Trout Pass Pool Bar and a bit of a ways beyond, there’s Geyser Point Bar & Grill.

Geyser Point (At Disney Again)
Geyser Point Bar and Grill is marked with an “E” on the map

It actually looks exactly like Trout’s Pass except, you know, larger. And it fits in like it’s always been there. For a second, I wondered if it had always been there. I walked down a path that felt familiar and crossed under a stone arch to enter Geyser Point.

Geyser Point is an open pagoda with no walls, but the roof is covered, and it’s arched with wide eves to keep the rain out. It’s really like a big, plush camp shelter. The night I was there, the ceiling-mounted heaters were going, so it was warm despite the chill. They likely won’t be able to air condition the spot in summer, but it’s in a shaded, tree-covered area near the water, so it likely won’t get too too hot. And they’ll likely add some ceiling-mounted fans once the weather warms up.

The new hot spot is seat yourself. I had about six people coming, so I grabbed a wonderful low-slung couch and four chairs, with a coffee table in the middle, and I got comfy. Just as I’d hoped, I could hear the geyser erupting from the seating area.

Soon after I sat down, a large family came over and tried to take my space (there were more of them then there were of me, they said), a server quickly routed them to another table. We’ve seen a lot of lounge-type spaces popping up around property lately, but mostly they’re at Disney Springs or in the very-adult Tiffins. The difference here is that Geyser Point is at a resort, it’s near a pool and it’s fully open to the public. This is the kind of place where a kid will steal your bar stool, which definitely makes it less attractive as a place to hang out as a gathering of adults with adult beverages—but other than this exchange, I didn’t have a problem all evening.

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Soon after I sat down, I was greeted by a server who gave me two menus. A full service bar menu and a separate Quick Service menu. The server takes orders from the bar menu. If you want to order from the Quick Service (QS) menu, you can walk up to the counter and order it yourself OR give your order to the server.

Here’s the key difference: If you go order from the QS counter yourself, you can get a Passholder/DVC discount, but if you order through the server, you do not get the discount. You have to actually walk to the window to get the discount. No matter whether you order at the QS counter or through the server, you can still pay with your Magic Band and you can use a QS credit.

As I looked over the beer menu and was surprised at how interesting and varied it was—for Disney.  Even though most of the beers served are by small breweries that got bought out by larger ones, I was still really happy to see once-craft beers on the menu.

In addition to my beer, I ordered edamame. It was chili-spiced and perfectly cooked. And I just can’t say enough about how friendly and attentive all of the servers were.

Over the course of the next couple of hours, a dozen people came and went, and I was able to catch up with lots of friends. We had cheesy brisket dip. It was to die for—easily the best choice of the evening. Some friends also enjoyed a turkey sandwich and fried oysters. Both also excellent.

Over the course of the evening, we explored the space a bit—and the area beyond. We checked out the new DVC construction (Copper Creek) and we also found a pagoda called Reunion Station. Not sure what this will be yet, but maybe a new Children’s Activity Center? There’s also a new water tower and an old train car, both shouting Boulder Ridge Railway and Mining. Disney Parks Blog has fleshed out the Boulder Ridge story just a bit.

For more photos from the new Quick Service and bar, visit At Disney Again. 

As the night wore on, I learned that—if you step away from the restaurant, down toward the water, you can see some of Wishes explode over Bay Lake Tower. Even though it’s hard to see, they still piped the music in. They also played the soundtrack to the Electrical Water Pageant as it sailed by. And it did sail close—my view was wonderful, right from my seat.

Overall, it was a great experience. Geyser Point is a wonderful addition, both to Wilderness Lodge Resort and Walt Disney World in general.

Will you check out Geyser Point on your next visit to Disney World? Tell us what you’re looking forward to below! 

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