Dear Sofia: I Love Your DVD

Let everyone in the Tri-Kingdom area know: Princess Sofia’s latest DVD has arrived!

I was an immediate fan of Sofia The First (despite the CGI-animation and my own personal lack of children) because she and her family are charming, and the show is packed with tongue-in-cheek references that cast fairy tale stereotypes in a fun, new light.


The show is always entertaining, but the real draw of Sofia is when she meets the Disney Princesses we all know and love from our favorite Disney films. Dear Sofia: A Royal Collection (which I shared with my baby niece) has four episodes featuring the dressed up damsels we know and love, including Belle, Mulan, Tiana and Jasmine.

As you might expect, the lessons the Princesses impart are connected to their own stories. For instance, Belle teaches Sofia how to reverse a curse (like Beast’s) by being kind to her friends, while Jasmine teaches Sofia how to tame her magic carpet by being calm and brave. There are two additional (non-Princess!) episodes on the disc, and one of them (‘Cool Hand Fluke’) features Sofia’s merkid friends. (I love mer-folk!)


The best part of this latest release is what I’d consider an ultra-extra-special bonus feature: A Sofia-themed stationary kit. Even better: Everyone who writes a letter to Sofia and includes their return address will receive a reply from the Princess herself! How cool is that? (And why didn’t this exist when I was a kid?)

Though she’s the perfect age for dancing along and squealing with excitement when Belle comes on screen, at just one-year-old, my niece isn’t quite old enough to write a letter just yet … so maybe she won’t mind if *I* write a note to Sofia myself …


Disclosure: I received this DVD free of charge from Disney. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my own experience.