Dapper Day Countdown: Your Very Dapper Date

Estelle from This Happy Place Blog and I have teamed up to bring you another series as Dapper Day draws near. It’s not all about fashion this time; it’s about the sights and sounds and details that a talented group of guest writers find dapper. We hope you’ll follow along and get into the spirit too! Today’s post is brought to us by the delightful lads at Disney Hipster Blog.

Dapper Day Countdown Hosted by Mouse on the Mind and This Happy Place Blog

So, you’re dapper, we get it. You’re hair is impeccably pin curled, your maryjane heels are polished to perfection, and your pencil skirt comes from not only the same time period…but also the same designer as your blouse and cardigan. You are ready. Ready for what?

If you’re among the hundreds of guests who partake in official Dapper Day events each year you’re already taken care of. This blog post is for folks like myself who get dressed up at Disney Parks on the regular and want to live up the whimsically bygone era that my clothes might imply. Here is a fun scenario that you might enjoy at Walt Disney World while you and your date are all gussied up. This date night is themed to the last era of Walt’s life…and a personal favorite.

Disney Hipster Date Night

If you’re an early 1960’s girl with meticulously teased hair, cat eye glasses and a mustard yellow peacoat we have the ideal dapper date for you! As you know the 1960’s were the pinnacle of Imagineering…as such, your evening should reflect your fashion choice!

Start off the night with a joyous ride on It’s A Small World. Not only does this campy attraction scream 1960’s fun, but the vignettes and color themes were designed by Disney Legend (and fashion icon) Mary Blair. Follow your cruise with a performance of the Enchanted Tiki Room! Nothing says mid-century quite like tiki culture…and this attraction has that in spades! The tiki room features amazing early 20th century songs Let’s All Sing Like The Birdies Sing, and Hawaiian War Chant which will certainly appeal to your old school sensibilities!

Disney Hipster Date Night

Just around the corner from the tiki room you’ll find the Swiss Family Treehouse…and no 60’s tour is complete without it. Though a lot of people now consider this attraction passé it was a big deal at its 1962 Disneyland opening. Cant you just picture yourself along side Walt and Hayley Mills touring the treehouse at its grand opening? Surely Hayley’s father John Mills, who starred in the Swiss Family Robinson, will compliment your chic fashion sense!

After touring the park for a bit and indulging in some 1960’s kitsch you will most likely be famished! Lets take the ferry over too the Polynesian Resort. I know “the Poly” opened in 1971…but its roots are firmly planted in the 1960s…more so than any other Disney resort. Here you can soak up the aforementioned tiki culture and catch a buzz at the same time. (As if the two weren’t already intertwined!)

Disney Hipster Date Night

The Tambu Lounge located in on the second floor of the Great Ceremonial House is the perfect place to score your first drink while indulging in this vintage fantasy. The iconic Mai Tai should be your go to drink…though many people would suggest the bars signature Lapu Lapu or Backscratcher. Either way, your halfway to co-starring with Elvis in 1962’s Blue Hawaii.

Finish your evening strolling around The Polynesian’s white sandy beach, admiring the glow of the tiki torches and wishing you were around 50 years ago. Because we all know its better that way…

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