Dapper Day Countdown: Fancier Sounds of the Parks

I love Dapper Day + not because I’ve ever had the opportunity to take part. It’s sort of like a distant dream that might someday come true. But dressing up in the parks? (Minus humidity, of course.) It sounds like a special occasion to me, and that’s why Melissa and I have teamed up to bring you another series as Dapper Day draws near. It’s not all about fashion this time folks, but just sights and sounds and details that a talented group of guest writers find dapper.

We hope you’ll follow along and get into the spirit too!

Dapper Day Countdown Hosted by Mouse on the Mind and This Happy Place Blog

You can’t wear a fancy dress or don a bow-tie without the right soundtrack. It’s the perfect accessory.

I listen to a ton of background audio from all over the Disney theme parks, and there are a few loops that always make me feel fancy. Like I should be sitting in a dark bar, holding a martini, and swaying along to the music. Maybe it’s romantic, maybe it’s a little sexy, but we can all agree that it can bring you back in time.

So where do these musical interludes live in the parks?

First up, Tower of Terror queue music. Forget the screaming, or all the dust covering the (mostly) empty hotel. The 1930s jazz score emphasizes the classic feel of this hotel and makes you wish you had a feather boa and a pair of gorgeous heels.

Hollywood Studios seems like it was DESTINED for Dapper Day. The golden age of Hollywood! How could it be any other way? The last time we were in the parks I spent a lot of time on Sunset Boulevard snapping pictures and people watching while my husband hung out at the Tower of Terror. (I hear the elevator was out of service or something?) This loop in particular is made up of a ton of different songs but here is Tommy Dorsey’s Song of India to get you in the mood.

Now we are going to jump over to the West Coast and Disneyland. Jungle Cruise might not seem like it fits the definition of dapper but, as a background loop enthusiast, the boathouse music is one of my favorites. The music is dispersed between announcements (very silly ones) about missing passengers and boats, and it is just quite lovely. Here are two of my favorites:

Sentimental Journey sung here by Doris Day (I don’t think it is her voice in the official loop)

Deep Purple sung here by Helen Forrest (I love the big band sound here.)

Aren’t these amazing? I fall into a dapper trance whenever I hear them; I definitely could listen over and over again to these tunes. These are just prime examples of how eclectic the sounds of the parks really are. As guests, we are easily transported from time period to time period, fantasy land to land of liberty, and all with the help of some fantastic songs.

Do you have any dapper background music picks? Be sure to leave me some suggestions in the comments!

For now, I’m off to sip a cocktail and listen to a little Glenn Miller Orchestra Moonlight Serenade.

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