Dapper Day Countdown: Dapper Photo Backdrops

Estelle from This Happy Place Blog and I have teamed up to bring you a super fashion-forward series as Dapper Day draws near. But it’s not all about fashion this time; it’s about the sights and sounds and details that a talented group of guest writers find dapper. We hope you’ll follow along and get into the spirit too! Today’s post is brought to us by Becky from Disney in Your Day.

Dapper Day Countdown Hosted by Mouse on the Mind and This Happy Place Blog

I’ve never been able to attend an official Dapper Day, but I would love to some day (in fact, it’s one of the items on my Disney Bucket List!). So when Melissa Sue asked me to write a “dapper” blog post I was definitely in. However, once I started thinking about what to write, I was a little stumped. What exactly does it mean to be dapper? I had to turn to my friend, the trusty dictionary.

Merriam-Webster defines dapper as: “neat and trim in appearance” and “very spruce and stylish.” This fits in very well with the idea of Dapper Day and getting dressed up in your stylish clothes. So then I thought, “if you’re all dressed up for Dapper Day, you’re going to want to take lots of photos to commemorate the occasion! Where would be the best place to take some dapper photos?” And then I came up with this list!

Hollywood Studios
This one’s kind of a given, since the Dapper Day events start off at Hollywood Studios. With a retro Hollywood vibe to the park, it’s the perfect place to take some photos to show off your fancy duds.

Hollywood Studios by Disney in Your Day

Main Street, USA
It doesn’t get more classic than Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, and classic is one of the feelings I get when thinking about Dapper Day. Take some photos during the day, but be sure to stop back at night to get some cool shots with Main Street all lit up!

Main Street USA  by Disney in Your Day

Grand Floridian
To me, the Grand just screams spruce and stylish. So it’s probably the first place I would go to take some fancy pictures! Both the lobby area inside the hotel and the outside of the resort would make a fantastic backdrop.

Disney Brides Meet Up by Disney in Your Day

If you’re attending Dapper Day, the Boardwalk is another spot where some of the events are held. I also think it’s a good place to get some fun dapper shots – like playing the Boardwalk games or riding a surrey bike!

Boardwalk by Disney in Your Day

Port Orleans Riverside
This resort is one of my personal favorites. It’s a little more rustic while still feeling very classy, especially in the southern mansion sections. I’ve seen some really nice engagement pictures here and I think it would be another great spot for dapper photos!

Riverside by Disney in Your Day

World Showcase
There are so many great locations that you could get some dapper shots in Epcot’s World Showcase. At the top of my list would be France, Italy, Morocco and that gorgeous area in the back of Canada with all of the flowers.

Canada  by Disney in Your Day

Any really great “dapper photo spots” that you think I missed? Which one would be your number one place to take some pictures?

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