A Very Dapper Husband

“I want to get gussied up for Dapper Day while we are in Disney, but none of my Orlando friends want to dress up,” said my wife, sadly, on an evening in early August.

::awesome, supportive husband mode activated::

“I’ll do it,” I said.

Bow ties are cool. Dapper Day 2012 (Mouse on the Mind)

“Really! I thought you’d never agree to that!”

What did I just sign on to?

It turns out that Dapper Day is a semi-annual non-Disney sanctioned event where enthusiasts pay tribute to Imagineers’ concept art by going to the Parks dressed… well… dapperly. This is in direct opposition  to the sloppy, comfort-first clothing we usually show up in.

All I had to do was put on some spiffy duds and be hot for a few hours, which is no great sacrifice because a) I’ve always enjoyed playing dress-up and b) bow ties are cool. I selected and packed my outfit, and then enjoyed a few days at Disney in plain clothes. Very hot days. Hot humid footsore days.  

At the appointed hour we both came very close to bailing and filling our Old Key West studio with ice … either to cool down or time travel Encino Man-style. But… our adoring public awaited. Some of our friends decided to join us, and they were already dressed and en route. The show must go on!

And what a show it was!!

Dapper Day 2012 (Mouse on the Mind)
Photo by the incomparable Mark Diba (@Dibadisney)

The other Dappers were, by and large, friendly and handy with a camera. The different directions people went with their outfits were enjoyable, and I have to admit, I turned a few heads myself. Our little group (made up of myself, my wife Melissa and our friend Jeff) clean up pretty well, don’t we?

So, to all of you loyal, caring husbands who play a supporting role in your spouse’s Disney obsession: do not fear the dapper. It is friendly and photographs well.

Want more Dapper Day coverage? Check out Estelle’s Under the (Theme Park) Lights series on This Happy Place blog, including Melissa’s post about her Dapper Day duds

Super duper congratulations to Dylan Patty who won our Dapper Dans tee-shirt giveaway! We couldn’t have  picked a more awesome winner if we cheated: Dylan is a Disney-obsessed illustration student at Academy of Art University, a hopeful  future Walt Disney Imagineer and the co-founder of an awesome non-profit called We Are More. Follow him on Twitter @Dnpatty.

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