Between Trips: Homemade Mickey Hoodie

Homemade Mickey Hoodie

Today, I was thinking of my upcoming trip and going through my assortment of Disney tees, sweats and hoodies and decided I needed something new to add to my collection. I knew it had to be bright and cute, but not too overboard. I decided to make a white hoodie with a splash of color.

This project was super easy, but you will need to set aside about an hour and a half to get it completed.

* White light-weight sweat jacket
* Mickey Head Paint Chips from the Disney Color Collection from Home Depot
*1 pack 8 1/2″ x 11″Avery T-Shirt Transfers for Inkjet Printers #3271, 8.5 x 11 Inches
* Scissors
* Color Ink Jet Printer
* Iron
* Pillowcase
* Sturdy work surface

You can choose one color or several colors for your Mickey head paint chips. As you see, I chose 6 different colors for a nice bright look!


The paint chips are on a cardstock-like backing. You will want to gently start to tear the backing down to the actual Mickey head. It will tear right around the head very easily. This method worked well and there were no torn or wasted heads!

Insert three or four sheets of transfer paper into your printer with the Avery logo facing up. You can easily fit eight Mickeys onto the bed of the printer, close and print. Note that the colors do not seem as bright once they come out of the printer, but after ironing on, you will get a more vivid look.

Next (here is the part that takes some time), cut each Mickey individually and make sure to leave a small white border around the color.

Make sure you have a stable, heat-safe surface to work on. I placed a large wooden baking board on my countertop. Cover your area with a pre-ironed pillowcase, so you won’t get wrinkles on your garment.

Prepared Mickey Heads

Remove any water that may be in your iron and pre-heat on the highest cotton, no-steam setting.

Lay your garment flat, place your Mickeys where you like and start ironing! Iron each Mickey for approximately one minute. Let cool for two minutes and then peel the backing off. If any of your transfers do not completely stick, place the iron back on for a few moments and press down.

In just a short afternoon, you can have some fun and make some new gear for your next trip or to keep the magic going between trips!

Place and iron just a few Mickeys at a time, then put your jacket on to see where the next placement should be. I used a tiny piece of tape to hold the next ones on my garment until I was ready to iron.

Mickey Heads in the Printer

Wash your garment prior to starting the project to remove any sizing. Avery also suggests washing your item inside out prior to wearing to avoid any color bleed. (I haven’t done that part yet.)

I was excited to see how my hoodie turned out, and I must say, I love it!  I am thinking of getting a pair of white sweats to make a whole outfit out of it. For the sweatpants, I will just put 2 Mickey heads on the upper thigh portion, just below where the jacket would fall.

Thanks for taking the time to read and have fun with it!

Thanks to our first ever guest blogger, Chris!  She is married to Art and has two two grown boys, Jesse (20) and Paul (22). Her pride and joy is her four-month-old granddaughter Ali. A Disney lover, Chris is always looking forward to her next trip, and she loves planning and helping others plan. She currently resides in St Charles, Mo., and works as an Administrative Assistant and Payroll Coordinator to help fund her trips to the World.

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