Countdown to Dismas: Letters from the Jingle Cruise

Last year, I started a mini-love affair with the Jingle Cruise. It wasn’t much, but it was so fun and so festive and so … special. I especially loved the careful thought and thinking that went into the Letters to Santa displayed throughout the queue.

This year, the letters are displayed on an employee bulletin board in the queue

And in addition to the letters we loved last year, there are some fun new missives to the Big Guy in Red:

All I want for Christmas this year are some new batteries for my radio and maybe a big toothbrush for the crocodiles down the river. 

Please send some of your cold weather this [unreadable] too. The humidity is giving me bad hair [unreadable]!

The second new letter comes from Skipper Alice:

Mr. Claus,

For Christmas I would like a paint set. I am really trying to brush up on my artistic abilities. Despite what those gorillas may say, I swear I am not monkeying around! 

And the other new addition this year is a flyer advertising a holiday party for the Jingle Cruise skippers:

Attention Skips!

It’s time for our annual


After the last boat has arrived
at the boat dock

gift exchange!
(no actual elephants, please)

Bring for for a POT LUCK
(except for Trader Sam)

Ho Ho HOPE To See You There!

This year’s display is very pretty–I love the old timey holiday cards–but it’s not quite as organic as last’s year’s display, with the letters, in the process of being written, spread out on the office desk. But I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the new letters (and the new puns!) in person in a few weeks!

Do you have any Jungle Cruise-approved puns for Santa this year? Share them in the comments or tweet @MouseontheMind!

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