Countdown to Dismas: Contemporary Gets Frozen

Can we just change the name of this website to Frozen on the Mind and be done with it?? Seriously, though … this is my third Frozen-themed post in the past seven days!

But, c’mon … you had to know I was going to share this years’ Contemporary Gingerbread display! Dan visited the resort on Friday night, and he sent back some photos:

Frozen Gingerbread at the Contemporary (At Disney Again)

The display is “inspired by the designs of ‘it’s a small world’ artist and Disney Legend Mary Blair” and Frozen. So they tried to keep Mary Blair in the Contemporary, at least. I definitely see it in the architecture and design of the castle, but with the characters themselves, I’m not entirely sure they succeeded. Personally, I can’t look at these short, chubby little Frozen figures without thinking of South Park. I mean … don’t they look just like South Park characters? I can’t be the first person to think it.

Love it or hate it, the Frozen-inspired details on the gingerbread and chocolate masterpiece are certainly dead-on. And if seeing giant Frozen-inspired cookies isn’t enough to excite your brood, there are also 14 Hidden Olafs (“hidden” is sort of relative) in the display.

And while I’m bummed that I won’t get a chance to see the Contemporary display (or any of the others) in person this year, I am living vicariously through Sarah of Eating WDW, who’s got great details from the Boardwalk and Beach Club displays. I love the ice cream cone theme!

What’s your favorite holiday detail so far this year? Share it in the comments below!