Fashion Friday: Comic Con Cosplay

Last weekend, I found myself with a bit of free time, so I turned my browser to Getty images and started peeping at photos from Comic Con.

As anyone who regularly reads the blog knows, I totally love cosplay (exhibit a and exhibit b, for example), and I sometimes wish I had the talent, creativity and confidence to pull off some of the awesome get-ups I see.

Long story short, my “quick look” at photos from Comic Con quickly became a trip down a very deep, very whirly hole of content, and during my trip, I found some very cool things. That I’m totally going to share with you.

The Marvel Universe

Obviously, there were a lot of Marvel characters making an appearance, and inspired by the latest announcement of Lady Thor, there were a LOT of She-vengers. I liked them best. There were also a surprising number of Captain Americas …


There were also, predictably, a lot of Maleficents out in San Diego. Some of them were seriously breathtaking and some were just so-so. Here are my faves:


The cast of Frozen made several appearances. Most of them were what I’d call hot messes. But there were some winners.

 Pirates, Fairies and Zombies

Oh, my! As always, Jack Sparrow was out in full force, as were the Tinkerbells. But I was also pleased to see a few Pirate Fairies as well as some very, very odd Disney Princesses-cum-Zombies.

Mad Mad Mad

I don’t understand it, but for some reason, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is HUGE at Comic Con. There was even an entire gathering of Hatters.


I recently rewatched this beautiful classic, and so I was really pleased to see Hades, Hercules and Megra represented at the Con.

Disney Princesses

Pretty pretty princesses … not entirely what you’d expect to see at a Con of this sort, but a welcome sight among the sweaty boys in Storm Trooper costumes. And there was at least one really cute, creative take on a Princess …

The Best of the Rest

Of course, I found some things that totally blew me away … that just didn’t fit into other categories. So here they are.

Have you ever attended Comic Con? Tell us about it in the comments!