Come In, Foolish Mortal

Earlier this year, Dan tweeted a tweet that set off alarm bells in my head:

Still waiting for a Port Orleans building or two to get a Haunted Mansion treatment. Would be SO cool.

“Yes! YES!” said my brain. “That is exactly the most amazing and absolutely best idea ever. The moody tones of the Mansion would fit right in at Port Orleans Riverside! And then, of course, I learned that Disney briefly flirted with the idea of Mansion-themed rooms. And I was so super bummed. Why isn’t this a thing?

So in honor of the spookiest day of the year, Dan and I sat down to talk about what we’d like to see in a Haunted Mansion-themed room.

For starters, the walkways to the buildings would be lined with silly tombstones. The exterior hallways would feature door numbers fashioned after the Haunted Mansion sign, and the atmospheric music, obvs, would feature the Otherworldly Concerto as played on the pipe organ. Lighting the corridors would be ghostly floating sconces (achieved with optical effects).

Step inside the room, and the theme continues with a giant chandelier over the bed, loaded with cobwebs. The bed itself will feature a bedspread patterned after the famous Mansion wallpaper, while the headboard will feature one of the paintings from the Mansion that flashes and changes into something spookier (similar to the light-up headboards in the Princess-themed rooms). Maybe we can top it off with some of those adorable “Rest in Peace” Haunted Mansion throw pillows?

The drawer pulls (and maybe even the faucet in the bathroom?) should feature the super spooky bat that I love so much. And the clock on the nightstand? Totally a miniature version of the ever-spinning clock from the attraction.

This is a moderate resort, so there won’t be bathrobes themed after the Haunted Mansion servants’ uniforms … but if this was a DVC fantasy, you know we’d have some swanky robes. BUT! Since it is Port Orleans, maybe we can add nightly spooky carriage rides around the resort in a carriage like the hearse in front of the Mansion (only with actual horses).

That’s our vision. What do you think? Have we missed any key details? Are there any other themed rooms you’d like to see at Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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